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Cherish Diamond single-stone Earrings

18-carat white Gold

A pair of delightful single-stone Cherish Diamond stud Earrings in an up-turned curvy V-shape, the super-bright Cherish Diamonds weighing 0.20 carat each, on posts and scrolls; 18-carat white Gold.

Cherish Diamond

The "Cherish" Diamond is cut with a total 201 facets, not the normal 57, giving it noticeable extra "sparkle" and fire. This presents a new step towards perfection, with its 201 facets generating the ultimate brilliance. The combination of thechnical experience and artistic skills with the latest microscopic observation techniques have yielded the true essence of the round polished diamond.

As you can see from the photographs shown, to the most traditional diamond shape - the round brilliant cut - have been added 32 facets to the top of the stone (crown), 16 facets on the bottom (pavilion) and another 96 girdle facets (around the rim) - making the total number of facets 201, giving your diamond the ultimate sparkle...

Equally sparkly but more unusual is the Cherish "Lines" - a square cut diamond with just 71 facets; but still a very stunning stone!

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